DNA quantification

Diane L Maresco dmaresco at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Thu Oct 14 16:57:20 EST 1993

I am performing a gene counting experiment which involves comparing by
southern analysis the copy numbers of genomic DNA versus a known plasmid clone
standard.  It is for this reason that I would like to quantify several
genomic DNA preps along with the plasmid DNA so that my error is < 10%. By
O.D. the 260/280 ratio of these preps range from 1.75-1.9 so the DNA is
somewhat clean.  Sensitivity is not an issue since the concentrations range
from 100-300ug/ml.  My question is what is the most accurate way to quantify
DNA and also what kind of error is expected if one simply goes by the O.D.
values considering the preps appear to be RNA free on ethidium bromide gel


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