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Fri Oct 15 11:33:09 EST 1993

In article <1993Oct13.114724.8615 at mbcf> neale at writes:
>There had been some talk a while back about flourescent markers for
>autoradiography. Well, after our expensive pen from NEN ran out of flourescent
>ink we just tried some flourescent paints bought from Wal Mart.
>They work great!
>Instead of paying $200 to DuPont we pay Wal Mart $2.96 for 12 small pots of
>fluorescent paint (in 6 vivid colors--no less!) that should last us a long long
>time. The paints are from Palmer and are called Glow in the Dark Fluorescent
>Paints if anyone is trying to find them. We just use a fine tipped brush to
>apply symbols etc to stick on labels.
>Just wanted to pass this recommendation along.
that's fine, but for more versatility eg, a dry crayon we use a pen
fromBel-Art products--distributed thru pgc scientific as well as other's called an autoradiography pen and i think is about 40
bucks...lasts a long while
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