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> >  I want to digest pT7-7 with BspMI and am not having much luck with whole
> > plasmid.  Does anyone know if I would have a better chance with linearised
> > plasmid? I have tried a 5 fold digestion, any other suggestions?
> > Christine Gee
> > University of Queensland

> Always the chance that the vendor screwed up the sequencing.
> Has Happened many times with Promega vectors eg. Psvpbal.
> Try a new batch of enz. If not, try new maxi. If not, try a diff. enz.

	No, BspMI is known to cut very badly some plasmids. Look in
the Biolabs Catalog. They say that a 100 (sic !) fold overdigestion cuts less
than 1/2 of pBR ! Maybe it is enough for you ( but very expensive ).
	I have no idea if linearization of the plasmid may help. If
you try, let us know.

	Hope it helps.

Pierre Martineau
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