DNA Sequencing gels and the phosphoimager

Tom Morrison morrison at bioscience.utah.edu
Fri Oct 15 14:34:34 EST 1993

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> I have recently heard that 35S sequencing gels can be read from a phospho
> imager.  Does anyone have any experience with this methodology? 
I've read 35S sequencing gels with a phosphorimager.  Using the ImageQuant
software, you define the sequencing lanes, click on the sequence bands and
the software records the bases.  It does not read the sequence
automatically.  I think you can get software that will read the gel

However, the bands produced by the phosphorimager are not as sharp as those
obtained with film.  Consequently, you can not read as far with with the

Also, a full sequencing gel takes up about 40 Mb disk space, so archiving
your sequencing gels can become a problem.

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