Help: what is glycl betaine?

Daniel Mytelka mytelka at mendel.Berkeley.EDU
Fri Oct 15 20:21:04 EST 1993

In article <CEy9tv.I8 at> jgraham at (the End) writes:
>          Theoretically, they effect t he hydration shell surrounding
>proteins by being excluded form the protein solvent inferface. Because
>a random distribution of osmolyte is energetically favored, the 
>system moves towards minimizing the excluded region, the protein-
>solvent interface. This tends to favor protein-protein interactions,
>including subunit assembly and folding.

If this is the case (as I have seen elsewhere as well), then one would
expect that betaine would increase the compaction of proteins into
inclusion bodies rather than solubilizing them, since solubilized
proteins will clearly have more exposed surface area than proteins
in inclusion bodies...Anyone know the reference on how betaine might
help solubilize inclusion bodies?

Dan Mytelka (mytelka at

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