Cheap Xgal

C. S. Enderlin cenderli at
Sun Oct 10 14:02:38 EST 1993

>>Please can anyone tell me which is the cheapest source of Xgal?

Gold Biotechnology sells X-Gal for $80/g
"Molecular Biology Grade: tested in blue\white assay with
both pUC and M13 vectors."
Catalog #X4241D

Buy 1 g X-gal + 1 g IPTG for $88.50
Catalog #IX4241D

They are located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
Prices are US$. I have no affiliation with Gold Biotechnology.
I have used their X-Gal with no problems.

phone 800-248-7609 (314-647-2509 if in Missouri)
fax 314-647-4134

Carol Enderlin
enderc at
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Denver, Colorado 

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