PCR without mineral oil

CHALK at gr.forth.imbb.nefelh CHALK at gr.forth.imbb.nefelh
Sat Oct 9 19:03:45 EST 1993

If you have the money you can use "Ampliwax" I've used it once, and since 
it solidifies at room temperature, there are no contamination problems. I
am also told you can reduce primer artefacts by loading primers above the
solidified wax plug. The folks in my lab here have a neat trick to remove
parafin oil using "Parafilm". Take your finished PCR reaction and remove
as much as you can from beneath the oil. Spot on to a piece of parafilm
and roll the liquid back and forth a few times. Parafin oil sticks to the
film leaving the aqueous material as a separate blob. Just pipette it
back up again.


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