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> Hi,
> does anybody know where I can get monoclonal antibodies against "p53" ?

A gopher search finds the following Hybridoma in the ATCC data:


ATCC TIB-116  PAb 122 (formerly clone 122)  (Anti p53)


Current medium for propagation: Dulbecco's modified Eagle's medium,
80%; FBS, 20%. Additional Information: PAb 122 (clone 122) secretes
an IgG2b antibody which recognizes a denaturation-stable antigenic
determinant of the 53,000 dalton mouse nonviral T antigen (NVT)
(p53) present in nuclei of SV40-transformed cells. Antibodies from
PAb 122 (clone 122) also recognize similar (51,000-56,000 dalton)
NVT antigen in SV40-transformed or lytically infected cells from
five mammalian species (mouse, rat, hamster, monkey and human) and
in four uninfected mouse lines. PAb 122 antibodies give moderately
strong nuclear fluorescence on SV40-transformed cells and on BK
virus-infected human cells and give weak fluorescence on BALB/3T12
cells. This antibody also binds gel purified denatured mouse NVT
antigen but not large T antigen in radioimmunoassays. This
hybridoma was formed by the fusion of NS-1 myeloma cells and spleen
cells from a male BALB/c mouse immunized with SV40-transformed, 3T3
clone 4 mouse cells (B4). References: J. Virol. 34: 752-763, 1980;
ibid., 37: 478-482, 1981; Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 78: 41-45,
1981. Originator: E.G. Gurney, University of Utah, Salt Lake City,

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