Expression/secretion vector for E.coli

Dan Jacobson danj at GDB.ORG
Tue Oct 12 19:49:39 EST 1993

In article <29e855INN82o at> eric at bcserv.WUSTL.EDU (Eric R. Hugo) writes:
>Dear Bionetters,
> ....
>     I am posting again in hopes of obtaining a culture or sample
>of any E. coli expression vector that has the coding sequence for
>a E.coli signal peptide as part of the expression system.  This need
>not be ompA (ompT or some other seq would be fine).  Do any of you
>have any suggestions  or a sample of plasmid you can spare?  Thanks
>for any assistance.

Point your gopher client at and select:

 -->  12. Search Databases at Hopkins (Vectors, Promoters, NRL-3D, EST, OMIM../

   -->  6.  Culture Collections (ATCC, ECACC)/

    -->  1.  ATCC - The American Type Culture Collection/

      -->  7.  Recombinant DNA Materials (Clones, Vectors, Libraries, ../

       -->  2.  Vectors <?>

And search for:

coli and secretion or export*

And you'll find expression vectors designed to secrete/export the product.

Best of luck,

Dan Jacobson

danj at

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