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Tue Oct 12 15:57:59 EST 1993

In article AA25153 at, mbwhite at CARDINAL.NCSC.ORG (Martyn White) writes:
>	Some time ago, someone posted a method for a quick and
>easy CAT assay involving [3H]chloramphenicol.  The acetylated
>chloramphenicol is separated by solvent extraction and measured
>by scintillation counting.  If anyone has saved this method
>or has a reference, please could you email or post.
>Thank you
>Martyn White
If you want to try using [3H] acetyl CoA, which is cheaper, try the 
scintilation assay from:
      Rouet, P., Raguenez, G., and Salier, J.-P.  (1992)
         Biotechniques 13:5 pp. 700-701

It's fast an works wonderfully for me!!

--Tracy Sitler

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