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> >Does anybody out there know about activated charcoal.  I would like to use
> >it to separate hot ATP from a protein mixture.  Any ideas. Please send
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> >Monica
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> Have you considered one of the NENSorb purification cartridges from
> DuPont-NEN products. 
> Give me a call at 1-800-772-2636 or E-mail ottcr at
> for further information.
> Best Regards,  Charly Ott
When I was working for Dr. Jack Preiss as a post doc, we used a product 
called Norite for this purpose.  Norite is a brand name of powdered activated
charcoal.  I cannot recall the source.  For details of use, you can look up
almost any of Dr. Preiss's papers.  Breifly, we reacted 32-P, PPi and
ADP-Glucose with ADP-Glucose Pyrophosphorylase to get Glucose-1-Phosphate
and 32-P, ATP.  We then stopped the reaction with TCA and added saturating 
NaPPi and Norite and sat on ice for a few minutes.  Then spun down the 
Norite and washed away free PPi and G1P with more TCA, Released free 
32-P Phosphate with boiling 1N HCl and counted the super in a scintilation
counter.  Hope this helps.
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