Phage transfer problems

pwlros02 at pwlros02 at
Tue Oct 19 05:30:17 EST 1993

Hi there 

I have been having the following problems with phages and was wondering
whether anyone can help me or offer some advice, so here are the problems:
I have T7 phage that forms plaques in E.coli B, but I cannot get it to plaque
in MC1061 (a derivative of E.coli K12). I assume that the T7 phage is being
destroyed by the restriction system of K12. How would I go about getting
it to replicate in MC1061?
Also, I have problems trying to transfer M13 (prepped in E.coli JM109) into
E.coli 71/18 or K38. I have also tried to transform the phage DNA directly into
the host but with no success.

I would appreciate any advice or comments

Thanks in advance

Ros Powles

Ros at
Department of Microbiology
University of Cape Town
South Africa

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