Nobel prize for PCR inventor

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Thu Oct 21 12:27:32 EST 1993

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 <CHALK at gr.forth.imbb.nefelh> wrote:
>Since neither of these inventions are related to either chemistry or medicine,
>and since the vast majority of us are neither chemists or medical researchers,
>isn't it about time there was a Nobel prize awarded for BIOLOGY!
>							Rod Chalk
While I agree with those who hold that the Nobel Committee needs
to re-evaluate its prize categories, I must disagree that PCR
is not "chemistry" and that the discovery of introns is not

The fact that PCR is used primarly for biology research does
not mean that it is not chemistry. In PCR you mix a bunch of
chemicals, a reaction occurs, and another bunch of chemicals
come out. No life involved. Sounds like chemistry to me.

If you don't see many medical implications in the discovery of
introns, you don't know much about medicine.


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