@#$@#% KITS (T7 transcription)

the End jgraham at bronze.ucs.indiana.edu
Thu Oct 21 11:34:01 EST 1993

Well friends,

The day I feared has predictably come. Current advances in molecular
biology techniques are no longer aviavlable to the general science 
public via the literature, but are being sold to us through commerical
companies at inflated prices.

Case in point, T7 transcription. Ambion and Epicenter sell kits that 
show 10-50 times better yields of RNA product from 1 ug of DNA template.
Local researchers, even those specifically in the immediate field 
have submitted to buying these kits because of the variable yield 
obtained with standard (Uhlenbeck, et al.) trasncription conditions.

All small break comes in a "leak" of propreity information in a current 
Ambion pamphlet which indicated that a key feature is an increase in 
NTP substrate concentration from 0.5 mM to 7.5 mM , " a level normal
inhibitory" to polymerase function. Their reaction conditions which
prevent inhibition actually have a patent pending. 

If a process is patented, then isn't it describe throughly in avialable 
patent applications ? Does anyone out there have access to the necessary 
information that could report it here ?

Any comments on how elevated NTP levels might be used without inhibition 
(eg. Mg++ chelation ?) or any guesses on the contents of these kits
or other information on increasing yields most appreciated.

Kudos to those who recently supplied the information behind the "Magic"

Now where's my $70 "research" ice bucket and prepoured acrlyamide gel !?

J. Graham
Biology and Chemistry Departments

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