Chemilluminescence Kits

James Herrick jbh2 at
Thu Oct 21 20:43:03 EST 1993

In article <5290 at> Dean H. Saxe, dsaxe at
>	I am looking for opinions on which kits are best for a
>non-radioactive means of probing southerns or northerns and possibly
>for sequencing reactions, as far as cost, sensitivity, ease of use,
>etc.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have had good luck the past 3 years with the Boehringer-Mannheim
digoxigenin/Lumiphos system. Although its sensitivity still doesn't match
that of 32P (in may hands), it is much more convenient. I make probes by
the incorporation of dig-labeled dUTP using PCR; a colleague in the lab
also uses 3' end-labeled oligos with success. Feel free to E-mail me
directly for more information.

J.B. Herrick
JBH2 at

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