Where can I get nitrosoguanidine?

Andrew Taylor ataylor at fred.fhcrc.org
Thu Oct 21 18:26:37 EST 1993

Sigma (St Louis, MO, USA) is presently unable to ship Nitrosoguanidine to
purchasers, because it cannot comply with new Department of Trade (DOT)
regulations: apparently there is a required test that the substance be
stable to 48 hours of heating, and nitrosoguanidine has a tendancy to

QUESTION: Is anyone aware of any other commercial supplier in the USA who
IS able to supply nitrosoguanidine at this time (Note that Aldrich and
Fluka both have it in their catalogs, but are both associates of Sigma,
and hence have the same problems).

FRESH nitrosoguanidine is needed for our mutagenesis of S. pombe: the old
bottle we have now has quit working.

Many thanks for your time.

Andrew Taylor
ataylor at fred.fhcrc.org
(206) 667-4431 (voice)  667-6497 (FAX).

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