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Thu Oct 21 12:28:36 EST 1993

In article <CF9A0p.CpJ at usenet.ucs.indiana.edu> jgraham at bronze.ucs.indiana.edu (the End) writes:
>The day I feared has predictably come. Current advances in molecular
>biology techniques are no longer aviavlable to the general science 
>public via the literature, but are being sold to us through commerical
>companies at inflated prices.
>Case in point, T7 transcription. Ambion and Epicenter sell kits that 
>show 10-50 times better yields of RNA product from 1 ug of DNA template.
	[Deletions here... no frameshifts, though :-)  )
>Ambion pamphlet which indicated that a key feature is an increase in 
>NTP substrate concentration from 0.5 mM to 7.5 mM , " a level normal
>inhibitory" to polymerase function. Their reaction conditions which
>prevent inhibition actually have a patent pending. 
i	[More deletions ]  
>Any comments on how elevated NTP levels might be used without inhibition 
>(eg. Mg++ chelation ?) or any guesses on the contents of these kits
>or other information on increasing yields most appreciated.

Dear Jim,
	The results in their ads as well as the description that you gave
are similar to an article that was published a while before the kits
became available.  Check out   Gurevich et al, Anal. Biochem. vol. 195,
pp. 207-213 (1991) "Preparative in vitro mRNA Synthesis Using SP6 and
T7 RNA Polymerases."
	I hope this helps.


Michael J. Coady
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