35S volatility and incubators...

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Thu Oct 21 23:03:40 EST 1993

In a previous article, goldberg at unixg.ubc.ca (Goldberg Andrew) wrote:
>I will shortly be doing metabolic labelling of cells in culture with
>35S-cys and 35S-met, and do not wish to frighten/enrage co-workers with
>1) Does anyone employ such a device?
>2) Is such a thing available ready-made?
>3) Is such a thing really necessary?  (I expect to be putting a few
>   hundred micro-curies into this incubator, potentially overnight)


Whether you need such a device will depend on how much or how many 
metabolic labeling reactions you foresee having to do.  We routinely do 
them in small volumes with small amounts ( less than 200 uCi per group) and 
we rarely label longer than 4 hours (except for pulse chase experiments).  
Cys isn't the problem, the Met is.  It is volitle and light up your 
incubator like a Christmas tree if you use a lot of it very often.  "Do we 
employ such a device?" No - at least not yet as decontamination of the 
incubator has has only been 2-3 times per year.  Why? (Is such a thing 
available?) Yes and they aint cheap!  They are air-tight circular 14-16 
inch plastic containers that run about $175 a pop.  For those that get 
those "biotechniques action cards", everynow and then there is a 
advertisment for these containers in that collection of cards - maybe 
someone could post the pertinent info.  They come with a charcoal filter.
"Will you need it?"  again, you need to determine if this is something 
you're going to do a lot to justify the cost.  If you're only going to 
label every now and then, you may not need it.

Hope this helps,
haviland at kids.wustl.edu

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