Oligo affinity columns/Promega Grab System?

Leonard N. Bloksberg bloksber at pilot.msu.edu
Fri Oct 22 16:32:00 EST 1993

	Does anyone out there have any advice to offer on isolating plant
DNA binding proteins?  We have done gel shifts, and want to find out what
is doing the shifting.  The obvious choice is oligo-DNA affinity columns.
	1.	Any recomendations/warnings on such methods?
	2.	Any preferences on reagent/column resin sources?
	3.	Has anyone tried the Promega Grab system (or similar type
		method) and have advice to offer?
Any help greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
	Leonard N. Bloksberg
	Bloksber at pilot.msu.edu
p.s.	A summary will be posted if requested, or if response warrents it.

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