@#$@#% KITS

Basavaraju Shankarappa bsh at MED.PITT.EDU
Sat Oct 23 12:38:07 EST 1993

Jim Graham (jgraham at bronze.ucs.indiana edu) wrote:
> Well friends,
> The day I feared has predictably come. Current advances in molecular
> biology techniques are no longer aviavlable to the general science 
> public via the literature, but are being sold to us through commerical
> companies at inflated prices.

I think Graham and Co., are taking this to an unpleasant extreme.  It 
really does not look nice on any of us to gloat over the fact that 
someone revealed a trade secret and the company's secret is out.  
If something is sold at inflated prices, the answer is as simple not
buing it. 
I think America is great because of the protection it offers to an
intellectual property.  Most of you can't even imagine what it would be 
like when a word like intellectual property is not in the vocabulary.

How many of you are thankful to Maniatis and Co., for writing a easy
cookbook?  Who made the most money there? Can you take a guess as to 
whether it was Maniatis or the publisher?  If you are ready to think that 
all kits are bad, this and the Red Book are essentially intellectual kits.
So why don't we ban them from all Grad Depts?  Jim, if you want to start a
flame war again on kits, make sure you have given away these books.  

Is there anything preventing you from starting a company, duplicating 
each kit and selling it for what you think are not the "INFLATED PRICES"?

If you or anyone supplies the secret behind something, you are only making
us buy your kit as opposed to another, but what we will pay is for your
ego.  If you say all the research is supported by our tax dollars, as far
as I know, all companies end up contributing a lot of money to the Govt
either by hiring you and me or by paying sales and other taxes.  What
gives you the right to say they dont have any say.  Why can't we all just
try to solve some biologic mysteries rather than waste our energy on 
trying to identify the secret behind a kit. 

Raj Shankarappa
bsh at med.pitt.edu
> If a process is patented, then isn't it describe throughly in avialable 
> patent applications ? Does anyone out there have access to the necessary 
> information that could report it here ?
> Any comments on how elevated NTP levels might be used without inhibition 
> (eg. Mg++ chelation ?) or any guesses on the contents of these kits
> or other information on increasing yields most appreciated.
> Kudos to those who recently supplied the information behind the "Magic"
> resin.
> Now where's my $70 "research" ice bucket and prepoured acrlyamide gel !?
> Jim
> J. Graham
> Biology and Chemistry Departments

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