Taq polymerase - seminar at LABWEEK 93

David Johnstondaj daj at uk.ac.ic.nhm
Mon Oct 25 06:43:02 EST 1993

On Sun, 24 Oct 93 22:04:41 GMT,
  Dr. J.P. Clewley writes:

>I read your post about going to LABWEEK 93 to learn about the rights
>to PCR/Taq.
>What did you learn? Are you going to post to the net or have I missed it?

sorry for the lack of reply to the net, the reason was simply that the 
session was cancelled. The whole thing was a bit of a fiasco, a collegue 
received written notification that the symposium had been cancelled, I did 
not (turning up on the day to find it off). At least the 
organisers didn't cash our cheques, they just didn't bother 
returning them until a couple of weeks later - not a good example of 
customer relations. "Excuses" varied with whom you talked to, some said 
that there had not been enough registrants, others that the speakers 
couldnt make it (hard to believe after all the prepublicity), someone (not 
from the organisers) suggested that Roche didn't want to say anything in 
public to prejudice pending patent applications. Who knows what the truth 
is, the mystery continues.

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