mouse/rat genetic model database?

Mon Oct 25 15:02:56 EST 1993

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> Hello All,
>   Is anyone aware of a database that catalogs strains of mice and rats
> that are used as models of human genetic diseases?
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	  I think you might have a good shot with the "Genomic Database of the
Mouse" (GBASE) available from Jackson Labs.  They maintain a huge database
on 3668 loci with over 3000 references which are all cross referenced with
human loci. It is accessible from the Internet but requires a password. 
Alan Hillyard manages the database.  His numbers are: voice (207) 288-3371,
E-mail alh at, FAX (207) 288-5079.  I hope this helps!

Allen Black
Dept. of Microbiology
Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham
medm003 at

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