DNase 1 Hypersensitivity

Julie Wilberding jwilber at pop.nd.edu
Mon Oct 25 12:07:19 EST 1993


Thank god someone else is having this problem!  I thought it was just me. 
I do think I have found the source of the problem though.  I discovered
that I was leaving a bit of chloroform after extractions.  When you do your
phenol?chloroform extractions, ALWAYS take the aqueous phase and transfer
this to a new tube being very careful not to take any organic layer.  After
you have your aqueous flick your tube and watch for bubbles that sink
rapidly- that is chloroform and should not be there.  If you leave any
organic in the tube, you run the risk of star acitivity with your enzyme. 
I would bet my paycheck this is the problem.  I hope this helps, I


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