magic pcr/mini prep resin

Vivian Miao vmiao at
Tue Oct 26 14:38:14 EST 1993

Does anyone know whether Promega's magic miniprep/pcr cleanup resin
suspensions can go "bad" if left exposed to ambient light (e.g. light
through the window, regular fluorescent lab lighting etc.)?  I've had
trouble recovering DNA from the resin recently, and I thought it might have
to do with my having left the bottle of resin suspension on the bench for
about a day.  I don't think the problem has anything to do with the
concentration of DNA, the size or form etc. of the DNA I'm working with,
because I have previously used this method to clean-up DNAs of a similar
nature and prepared in a similar manner.  (Usually we store the resin in
the dark, as stated in the manufacturer's blurb).

By the way, thanks to netters for posting the home-made resin method.  I
might still not get around to making my own, but it sure is nice to know
what's in the stuff ... and therefore, at least theoretically, I might
know how to trouble shoot problems .... except for this one! :-)

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