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ramacha at CC.UManitoba.CA writes:

>According to Markus Laub
>> Hi Karthi,
>> I've just read your answer to a question about reference managers.
>> If it's possible could you mail me the demo version of this refernce
>> manager. My e-mail address is: tph300 at
>> Thanks,

>Hello Markus,

>I am having problems encoding the zip file of the program that I have.
>While I try to figure out the problem, I think it would be a good idea for
>you to send a request to the author TJR Cutts at the following add

>tjrc1 at

>He will send you a encoded zip file which you have to decode before
>importing to your PC. The demo can only handle 100 refs. and a few journal
>formats. The original hovever has a huge capacity.

>Good Luck.

This mail message was duly sent to me, and so, here is some info about the
program that I've written:

You will find it for anonymous ftp  as in the directory
/pub/pc/win3/uploads at  This will in due course be
moved to the /pub/pc/win3/utils directory.

The program is a reference database manager for Windows 3.1, with bibliography
creation thrown in to boot.  It has the following features:

*  MDI interface to allow cut/paste between databases, and bibliography
   creation from multiple sources.

*  Biblioographies can be formatted to your specification, and then copied to
   the clipboard for pasting into word-processors.

*  It handles data in the common Unix refer format, which makes it compatible
   with that program and numerous other reference managers, such as WinRefer.

*  It is also supplied with modules to import files in Medline, BIDS(ISI) and
   Chemical Abstracts formats.  Instructions are included on how to write your
   own import modules, and add them to the program.

*  The unregistered copy has a limit of 100 references per file, and two open
   files at any one time.  The registered version has unlimited open files,
   and 4.1 million references per file.

*  The registration fee is 30 pounds sterling.  Information on registering can
   be found in the on-line help.

I hope you like the program, and it proves useful to some of you.


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