Query on silver staining of PAGE/Hydrolink gels

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Wed Oct 27 05:44:26 EST 1993

 Dear Paul,
 I received the letter below from our local biotech news and now have
a query which I believe would be appropriate to channel through you.
I am presently involved with mutation screening using SSCP analysis
and the method of visualising the results that  I have chosen is to
silver stain the hydrolink gels. I prepare my plates so that the gel
will stick to one plate when I serepate them after electrphoresis
and then I stain it on the plate (the "glue" I use is MTMS and
glacial HOAc in ethanol)
The problem now comes when I want to remove the gel once it is
stained and transfer it filterpaper to dry it, it will not come off!
I have tried soaking it in 2% NAOH, but then it floats off, stretched
out of all proportion and the results are distorted.
Is there any secret method to release it successfully from the
plate? I really would appreciate some advise in this regard.
Many thanks for your help. If you are NOT the right person to
contact, please could you let me know how to go about getting this
 Sincerely yours

 Jacquie Greenberg

We are pleased to announce a new joint project between the Elsevier
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Starting in the November issue, Paul Hengen, the NIH researcher who
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Jo McEntyre and Tim Hunt, TIBS
Paul Hengen, NIH
David Kristofferson, BIOSCI

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