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>   Does anyone out there have experience with Konica's X-ray film processors?
> We want to buy a processor, and Konica's model SRX-101 is about 60% the price
> of Kodak's comparable processor. But I don't want to buy an unreliable
> processor, either. Can anyone advise me as to the quality of Konica's
> machine? 

We have had a QX-70 (table-top model) for about 2-1/2 years and are quite
happy with it.  We limit use to those trained on it, but it is a multi-user
machine.  (One individual is in charge, and it is cleaned monthly.)  It is
easy to use and seems quite reliable.  The only problems I'm aware of were
when it wasn't reassembled quite properly after cleaning.  Overall, we are
pleased with our choice.  (The initial assembly instructions that came with
the machine when new were incomplete, but a quick phone call got us a fax
of the information we needed.) 

We had an older Konica processor, which was adequate but frustrating
because it was frequently dirty, with the chemicals having gone bad.  The
problem was partly an older design (The QX-70 uses much less chemical per
film, and keeps the oxygen away much better than the older machine.), but 
was probably mostly due to allowing free access to users who didn't folllow 
instructions and were sloppy.  Tight control of users in a multi-user 
environment is a must.

I don't know about the SRX-101, but the QX-70 has given us good sevice.
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