Qiagen PCR purification kit

Ross Whetten rosswhet at unity.ncsu.edu
Wed Oct 27 12:30:42 EST 1993

In article <1993Oct27.125553.13397 at news.weeg.uiowa.edu>, elorenz at news.weeg.uiowa.edu (Eva Lorenz) writes:
|>Subject: Qiagen PCR purification kit
|>Does anyone have any info regarding the quick spin purification kit
|>offered by qiagen?  We saw the ad and are kind of unsure about the price/worth
|>ratio.  It sure sounds easy enough to use and saves time, but what
|>about recovery rate and purity?
|>Any experience, info kindly appreciated
|>Eva-Lorenz at uiowa.edu

I have used the Qiagen spin columns and like them a lot. The method is very
fast and easy and seems to give very good recovery, and the resulting DNA
works great for ligation in the few cases where I've tried.

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