Blue Protein?!

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|>Subject: Blue Protein?!
|>I've been purifying a protein from human plasma and along the way
|>I've collected a fraction containing a blue protein. On a 12% SDS
|>gel this fraction shows three major bands near 20, 30 and 60kDa.
|>Does anybody have any idea what the blue protein is? I have heard
|>that blood does contain one blue protein. All suggestions are
|>Brendan Duggan
|>Victorian College of Pharmacy
|>Parkville, Melbourne, Australia
|>brendan at
The blue protein in human blood is ceruloplasmin, a member of the
larger class of enzymes called blue copper oxidases. Ceruloplasmin is
around 100 kD, as I recall, so the three bands you see may be degradation
products. The other well-studied blue copper oxidases are ascorbate oxidases
from plants and laccases from wood-rotting fungi.

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