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> Please, does anyone know which vendor sells the restriction enzyme Acc II? I
> can only find vendors for Acc I or III. If you have information as to where
> to buy Acc II, please email me at IN%"bomaria at ustk.bitnet". Thanks.

Maria -

As several have mentioned, perhaps an iso will help you out.  In case
that's not the case, the edition of the Restriction Enzyme Database I have
access to (compiled by Dr. Richard Roberts, NEB, dated 02 Jun 93) lists Acc
II as being available from the following suppliers:

Shijo-Higashinotoin, Shimogy-ku, Kyoto 600-91 Japan
TEL: +81 75-241-5177
FAX: +81 75-241-5208

Molecular Biology Resources
5520 West Burleigh Street
Milwaukee, WI  53210
TEL: 414-871-7199
FAX: 414-871-12783

New York Biolabs
30 Austin Blvd.
P. O. Box 167
Commack, NY  11725
TEL: 516-543-3800

Hope this helps...

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