Capillary electrophoresis of PCR products

Eric Lightly ertl at
Thu Oct 28 06:35:18 EST 1993

We are using a Beckman PACE system to try and analyse PCR products by either 
capillary gel electrophoresis (using poly-acrylamide gels 3%T, 3%C) or by 
dynamic sieving electrophoresis (using Tris/borate/EDTA buffer + methyl
cellulose). Initial results using the first method do not give any PCR 
product peaks at all, and I wondered if this was because the PCR product
is not concentrated enough. It is very difficult to find what concentration
of product people have used in the published papers or application notes
on this topic. Does anyone know what concentration is needed? Does anyone have
any experience of this technique?

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Eric Lightly
Rowett Research Institute,
Aberdeen, AB2 9SB, Scotland.

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