bacteria for pGEX expression

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Thu Oct 28 12:28:00 EST 1993

>We are in need of a bacterial strain that is protease deficient to
>express a pGEX fusion protein.  This particular hybrid protein is
>getting degraded faster than anything I've seen.  We have tried 
>every trick in the book and every protease inhibitor we can think
>of.  Our bacterial strain (an HB101 derivative) is not lon-, so that
>is last thing I can think of switching.  If anyone has any or knows of 
>good bacterial strains that are protease deficient and that are
>easily transformable with plasmids, please tell me.  If there are
>several responses, I will of course post a summary.
>thanks in advance, Morrie

>Morris F. Manolson                 

Dear Morrie,
I've recently acquired a cell strain E.coli k12 CAG629 from NEB (free!).
Genotype : lon rpoHam ; hence is lon- and has temp-sensitive amber supressor.
Maybe you could try using this.

Sor-Cheng Lee
Lees at
John Innes Institute

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