Magic miniprep resin recipe

Thu Oct 28 16:44:00 EST 1993

In article <1993Oct28.133031.26298 at>, bcdavid at (Chiu Tai Wai David) writes...
>Pamela McLean (pammie at wrote:
>: Diatomaceous earth (Sigma D5384)
>: 4M guanidine thiocynate (Sigma G6639), 50mM Tris-HCl pH7.0, 20mM EDTA
>: 80% isopropanol
>: acetone
>I have tried to prepare this following the NAR instruction. The result is
>ok. However, without the spin column, the spining, drying and spinning and
>elute and..... was quite messy. 
>I have two questions now:
>1. Promega's resin is in 6M-7M guanidine thiocynate, and so does that of
>   Pharmacia. So I want to know if that increased salt concentration can
>   improve DNA binding.
>2. I have a LOT of Promega spin column (used, of couse). Is it safe to 
>   re-use them? If so, how can I wash them?

	I just send some water through them backwards (from a hose hooked up
to a faucet) and let them dry!  Needless to say, they hold up well (so far I'm
up to 10 uses or so.
				Good Luck -  Annette
			(always willing to risk an experiment to 
			find a less expensive alternative)

>David Chiu
>Dept. Biochemistry,
>HKU of science and technology.
>Hong Kong

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