Looking for Virology articles

Jian Wang jianwang at carson.u.washington.edu
Thu Oct 28 13:47:10 EST 1993

I'm looking for two articles in the Journal of Virology Methods.  
Unfortunately our library has sent the issues I need to be bound, and I 
don't know when they will be back.  I would like to get copies of the 
following articles: 

J-Virol-Methods  1993 April 42(1)   p  45-51
J-Virol-Methods  1993 May   42(2-3) p 301-307

If you have these, PLEASE send me email and we can make an arrangement 
for me to get them.  Thank you. 

Jian Wang 
Dept of Pathology 
University of Washington 
jianwang at u.washington.edu

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