Those uk addresses...

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Fri Oct 29 03:56:26 EST 1993

Subject: Those uk addresses...
From: Ingrid Jakobsen, ingrid at
Date: 28 Oct 1993 23:22:51 GMT

In article <2apk8b$4v1 at> Ingrid Jakobsen,
ingrid at writes:
>Since nobody else seems to want to reveal the big secret, here
>it is:
>     uk email addresses are backwards. 
>eg the uk address      scientist at
>must be turned into    scientist at
>if you are mailing from outside the uk. Similarly, people
>inside the uk have to reverse the rest of the world's email
>addresses before they can send to them, as far as I understand.
>Why is it so? I have no idea.

No conspiracy,  as I understand it the former is a JANET address and
the latter is an INTERNET address.  With our VAX-VMS system we must
use the former on JANET and with our Alliant Concentrix using UNIX
and INTERNET we use the latter.

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