Yeast transfection

Dr. S. Bhattacharya sbhattac at
Fri Oct 29 07:00:54 EST 1993

Hi netters
I am trying to transfect yeast using the LiAc method (Gietz NAR 6:1425, 1992).
However, I only get about 20-30000 transformants per ug plasmid DNA, instead
of the 200-500000 that is reported.
I use Quiagen prepped DNA, and plate out on Difco agar plates, and use PEG
from Sigma. I've even tried adding DMSO (Sigma mol biol grade, aliquoted 
and frozen after opening the bottle).
Do different batches of PEG affect transformation?, and is it worth switching
to Noble agar?
I would be happy to post a summary.


Shoumo Bhattacharya
MRC Molecular Medicine Group
Royal Postgraduate Medical School
Hammersmith Hospital, London UK

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