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In article <cupton-271093125528 at>, cupton at (Chris Upton) writes:
>   Well we all want to make SOME money, but it's clear that some companies
>are just a little too greedy :-(  And who suffers in the long run.....  
>At least this won't be an "illegal" solution. I'm looking for a source of
>good cheap phenol for your everyday molecular biology jobs. I don't want to
>distill it myself. Let's see waht range of prices folks are paying. I'm
>especially interested in Canadian sources (of course).
>Here's MY bargain of the month:
>I did find a more reasonable bag-sealer for blots by doing a little
>research on my own. There's some plastic ones around, but I looked at a
>heavy duty metal type listed in CanLab catalogue for $400+, and I managed
>to find what looks like the same thing for about $150 (which I still think
>is pricey). That's quite a mark-up (Canadian dollars).
> If anyone is interested I can post the company and address.
>       Cheapo Upton.
>Chris Upton                    
>Biochem & Microbiol
>University of Victoria
>Victoria, BC   Canada     These are my views, damn it! Only mine!

I have been buying Phenolfor molecular biology applications from Toronto
Research Chemicals Inc. This is glass distilled under Argon and comes in three
sizes: 500 gms - $90.00   1 Kg  -  $150.00   3 Kg  -  $300.00.
I also get my Cesium Chloride (Molecular Biology Grade) from them at:
1 Kg  -  $165.00   2 Kg  -  $320.00

Address:	Toronto Research Chemicals Inc.
		4481 Chesswood Dr.
		Downsview, Ontario
		Canada		M3J 2C3
		(416) 638-9696		Fax: (416) 638-9727
I have also found that BDH's Analar Phenol works well but I don't have a
current price.

As for Bag sealers for blot hybrizations I have been using Dazey Corp.'s
Microseal which is available in Canada through Fairchild Marketing for approx.
$20.00. This is a kitchen sealer with a 8 inch heating bar. I have been using
them for about five years and they work fine with the 3.5 mil polyethylene film
that I use for bags. They due burn out, but they will usually last 2-3 years
depending on usage.
Fairchild Marketing can be reached at  (416) 670-0351.

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