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Sat Oct 30 13:46:53 EST 1993

A little gophering has reveled the Mr. James Eric Graham is a graduate student:
T011534 jgraham James Eric Graham, Student, Graduate School, Indiana Univ.

Mr. Graham:

Well I'm shocked that Indiana University would condone such behavior in their
students! You have admitted to patent infringement, you have lied about your
publication record (none exists!) , and you have committed plagiarism by
claiming that those questions you sent me, and I subsequently reposted, were
actually yours when in fact they were stolen from Cadwell-Joyce(?) paper (I can
get the exact reference if necessary) on random mutagenesis.

You should be ashamed of yourself!!!

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>Hoffman-La Roche, Inc. may or may not pursue a case against Mr. Graham for
>patent infringement, but I sure hope that they do. Mr. Graham's interest in
>all this is nothing more significant than his own personal self-gratification.
>Mr. Graham has contributed nothing to the scientific literature in more than
>twenty-five years (according to an exhaustive search Medline). Yet he
>believes it is acceptable to steal what others have contributed. This is like 
>the bachelor giving the parents advice on how to raise their children, it just
>doesn't work!
>Mr. Graham believes it is acceptable to break the law. Most scientists would
>disagree. However, he has given the large corporations and kit makers
>sufficient ammunition  with which to go after others who believe as he does.
>Attitudes like his are what restrict the freedom of all scientists who must
>live under the burden of mounds of regulation and laws designed solely to
>protect the rights of the property holders from the few thieves in this
>community. If kit makers thought it was safe they would gladly reveal how
>their systems work. However, they must be leery of the Jim Grahams out there!
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