Pfu Polymerase Questions

Michael G. Kurilla mgk2r at Virginia.EDU
Wed Sep 1 12:08:50 EST 1993

The Primer program that I referred to in an earlier post is
available on my university computer system, although they do
have PC version I have been told.  The documentation that comes
with it lists an Email address as `primer at' for
inquiries.  Someone else may know the ftp location in more

We are very pleased with this program.  We have not had to play
around with PCR conditions since using this.  Also since salt
concentration is a separate input, different polymerases can be

BTW, I'm convinced that alot of the Mg optimization in the past
is probably due to poorly designed primer pairs that differ
dramatically in annealing temps (in spite of equal %GC). Does
anyone have any experience along these lines with a program
like Primer selecting the oligos?

Michael Kurilla

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