Pfu Polymerase Questions

Sheila Gay Buzzee buzz at
Wed Sep 1 18:42:00 EST 1993

In article <1993Aug30.210453.15569 at>, Stillman Lab <StillmanLab at> writes...

  I have found PFU to be about 15 times more accurate than Taq.  It
has efficiency of about 75% when used according to the instructions,
using both stock 10x buffer 1 and 2.  I do not use an extended initial
cycle (5 min denaturing, 5 min annealing) but start right away with
cycles of 94 deg for 2 min, 53 deg for 2 min, 72 deg for 1 min.
However, I am amplifying a small segment so your optimal conditions
may well be different.

  Sheila Buzzee
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