5'UTR of eukaryotic mRNA

John E. Blume blume_j at hanv01.dnet.sandoz.com
Wed Sep 1 07:19:41 EST 1993

> I have a simple question:
> How long can be 5'UTR of eukaryotic mRNA? How many bases has the longest
> one, which is known up to now?
>                         Jozef

I have been meaning to ask the same question of this group, or by database
query methods of GenBank.

We are currently playing with a message that has an approx. 430 nt 5'UTR.
The analogous gene in mice might have an even longer UTR (>600 nt) but I
am not sure that I believe my data yet. The gene is glucokinase from rat

I am wondering if nature would have made such an obvious structural
nightmare for no reason - are there translational control games being
played here?

So, that's the longest I know about so far.

John E. Blume
Sandoz Research Institute
blume_j at hanv01.dnet.sandoz.com

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