Luciferase Assay from Promega

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Fri Sep 3 19:29:59 EST 1993

steven joseph chmura (sjchmura at wrote:
: Has anyone used this system without the luminometer?  The techs claim
: that a scinilation counter can be used effectively.

: Just looking for peoples opinions/experiences.  I am trying to
: quantify in-vivo expression.

Yes.  We used to do it routinely, however, we have purchased a luminometer recently.  See the following for details:

	Fulton, R. and Van Ness B.  1993. Luminescent Reporter Gene Assays for
Luciferase and B-Galactosidase Using a Liquid Scintillation Counter.
Biotechniques 14(5), 762-763.

We had to have the scintillation counter equipped with a single photon monitor
to do this.  It works well but is not nearly as convenient as a luminometer.  
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