18S/28S RNA in kb

Andre Hamel hamel at ccu.umanitoba.ca
Fri Sep 3 18:23:07 EST 1993

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>DA Gray (IN%"gray at labsun1.med.uottawa.ca") writes:
>> A reviewer has asked for the values we use to estimate
>> RNA sizes on northerns.  There is a folk myth in the
>> lab that these values are 1.8 kb and 5.0 kb for 18S
>> and 28S respectively, but like any good folk myth
>> this one cannot be documented.  Does anyone have a
>> reference for the actual sizes of eukaryotic rRNAs?
>> I would be grateful for the help.
>> DAG

Ribosomal RNA bands vary in size depending upon species (genus more
likely?) of organism ...

Take a look in Winter 1993 (Vol. 15, No. 1) issue of BRL Focus, "Rapid
Micro- Scale Isolation of RNA for PCR or Translation", D.Simms, pgs 6- 11.
On page 8 and 9 there's 2 nice photos of RNA gels (1.5% agarose/1.1%
formaldehyde/MOPS) with RNA size standards ... clearly showing 18S and 28S
rRNAs as about 2 and 4.4 kb respectively.

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