HELP change enz storage buffer?

Dave Segal CarrollLab at
Mon Sep 6 15:12:52 EST 1993

I have been injecting Xenopus oocytes with a commercial restriction
enzyme.  Apparently, some component of the enzyme's storage buffer is
toxic to the oocytes (I think it's the glycerol).  Does anyone know of a
good way to exchange the storage buffer with one that might be less
toxic?  No, the company won't do it for me.  The real killer here is that
I only want to clean up a small amount of enzyme (which is about 27 kD),
so methods such as dialysis may be problematic in that they might leave
the enzyme in a large volume.

Any ideas??

- Thanks
- Dave Segal
- Biochemistry, U. of Utah
- CarrollLab at

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