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>>This may sound stupid, but as a non-American I have no idea what Saran
>>wrap is. Ordinary household polyethylene wrap or some special lab
>>  Martti

>I believe that 'Saran' is just the brand name for what we call over here 
>'cling-film'. We use ordinary domestic cling-film in the lab with no 
>problems. The only thing to be careful is that some brands come with the 
>roll of film pre-perforated for tearing into sheets and others come 
>unperforated. Obviously if you are wanting to seal up a large P32-labelled 
>sequencing gel for autoradiography you don't want the thing to leak!!!!

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David is correct, Saran is just the brand name of a household plastic
wrap that is popular in the U.S. Since it was one of the first such
wraps, its name has become generic - like kleenex. We use a good
quality plastic wrap that comes in commercial size rolls. I find some
brands very thin and harder to work with. I've never seen
pre-perforated wrap here in France. 

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Charlie Roth
Institut Pasteur

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