Recycle QIAprep columns?

Brian Halligan halligan at
Tue Sep 7 09:17:56 EST 1993

We have reused the larger Qiagen columns with good success.  We keep them
wet and in the cold, and then use them the same as new.  The major
drawback is to avoid sequence contamination, we use one column per plasmid
so that the column is reused only for preps of the same plasmid.  This
avoids contamination but leads to a lot of columns being stored.  

A new question:  has anyone broken open a new or used column and used the
matrix in place of the material provided in the Qiax gel purification
kits?  It looks to be the same and would be significantly cheaper this way.

Juliette Faraco (faraco at wrote:
: Hi out there,
: I have had great success using the Qiagen QIAprep spin miniprep
: kits.  As with most kits, there is an excess of solutions supplied
: with them , but there are only 50 of the spin columns- the critical
: component.  I have been saving the used columns in case there is a way
: to clean them, and then re-use them.  Does anybody have any hints on how
: to do this? It should be possible to elute off any remaining DNA, but what
: about proteins etc. which may clog them??
:         Any feedback on how to, or whether to try is welcome!
:                        Juliette               
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