Digitiser for the Mac?

Amy Teel amy at molbio.cbs.umn.edu
Tue Sep 7 07:52:10 EST 1993

parkhillj at vms1.bham.ac.uk wrote:
: Does anybody use/know of a digitiser that will connect to a Macintosh, and
: allow the input of band positions on sequencing autorads. 
: I don't want a scanner or image analysis program, just a machine that
: will keep track of where I say the bands are, and give me a usable
: sequnce file.
: I have used this on an IBM (a simple sonic pen digitiser, with software
: called DIGISEQ), but I am now in an all-Mac department, and I would like
: to know if there is anything similar available.

We use a Kodak/IBI digitiser and pen, along with IBI's MacVector software. We
have been quite happy with both. The digitiser is just called "Gel Reader";
I can't find a product number on it.

The company is:
International Biotechnologies, Inc.
New Haven, Conn.
(800) 243-2555

(BTW, I have no affiliation with the above!)

Hope this helps.

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