Dr. M.D. Jones mjones at uk.ac.crc
Tue Sep 7 04:24:46 EST 1993

Hi there fellow netters

I have a few queries about sequencing with the ABI 373A.  I have one and
am just getting to grips with large scale sequencing.

Question 1.  Has anybody got a reliable way of cleaning the plates to 
remove background fluorescence (apart from water and alconex)?  Any reliable
organic solvents?

Question 2.  Do people regularly perform a plate scan BEFORE they assemble
the plates and pour the gel?  Is it really necessary?

Question 3.  For sequencing short PCR fragments and small inserts, say up
to 300 base pairs maximum, what is the shortest time you can do a run?
Do you have to run it for 10 hours to get the data points for analysis?

Question 4.  I read with great interest the paper in NAR (vol. 21(15)
pp 3385-3390 [1993]) from Frederick Blattner's group on the M13 vector
JANUS, which allows inserts to be inverted by putting a M13 clone into
an E. coli strain expressing lambda int gene.  It sounds extremely useful.
Is the vector available?  Has anybody tried it out?  I have written to
Frederick Blattner, but am awaiting a reply.

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