anything that kills bacteria but not yeast?

Mark Mattson mpm at
Wed Sep 8 17:29:12 EST 1993

Michael Levin (mlevin at wrote:

:     Is there any agent that can be put in media which will discourage
: bacterial growth, but won't bother yeast? If you know of anything like
: that, please email mlevin at

: Mike Levin

Most of the antibiotics used in cell culture (penn-strep, gentamycin, etc.)
are only effective against prokaryotes.  Fungicides are typically required
to kill yeast.  However, this is not to say that yeast won't have any adverse
responses to the prokaryote-targeted antibiotics, if it's yeast you're 
TRYING to culture.  (But who in their right mind would want to do this?)  :-)

S.W. Barger
Sanders-Brown Center on Aging

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