Luciferase Assay from Promega

Tao Tao txt15 at po.CWRU.Edu
Thu Sep 9 10:42:41 EST 1993

In a previous article, sjchmura at (steven joseph chmura) says:
>Has anyone used this system without the luminometer?  The techs claim
>that a scinilation counter can be used effectively.
>Just looking for peoples opinions/experiences.  I am trying to
>quantify in-vivo expression.
>___________________________________________Steven Chmura

I am using the scintillation counter for this type of assays.  It works
fine.  The problem is how to convert the readings in cpm to the lumino-
unit, or just get the square root of the reading and give it an arbitrary

One thing to make clear, I use the bacterial luciferase and do the assay
in vivo by supplying the c12-aldehyde.

Hope this helps.



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